Drone Agricultural Remote Technology (DART)

About Us

Drone Agricultural Remote Technology (DART) launched in late 2022 and is advancing current agricultural practices through the use of their state of the art, XAG drones. In the short time since opening its doors for business, we have been able to increase productive land for many farmers, by spraying, seeding and fertilising, land which was previously inaccessible by other machinery. Additionally, the ability to access wet land many weeks earlier than previously possible has proved to be of significant benefit for growers.

Autonomously, the drone can cover up to 200ha per day at a top speed of 50km/hr and has the capabilities to also change the droplet size and application rate to ensure the best possible outcomes for the client. Furthermore, the ability to control and spray and seed manually, allows greater access and opportunities to complete tasks that were previously not possible. The technology allows the drone to hold 40 litres in the liquid tank and 60kg in the seeding module. The maximum take off weight of the DART drones operate at 92.5kg. The great benefit of the drone is the ability for us to fly the drone within a metre of the required target.

We use a smaller mapping drone, the XAG XMission to create a HD, 3D and NDVI (Normalised Difference Vegetation Index) image of the land and then upload this information to our larger spraying and seeding drone. This enables the application to be precise (within 2cm) and also doubles as a fantastic opportunity for some evidence based farming to assist with application decisions during all times of the year, as these images are able to identify the overall health of the paddocks. The NDVI imagery is perfect for analysing plant health, maximising growth ability while minimising water. This is an excellent tool for assessing and interpreting irrigation efficiencies and more to the point deficiencies. It will even show up minor and major irrigation leaks, which can be pinpointed with a GPS location for ease when locating for repair, especially in a large environment.

We understand that each and every job is unique and look forward to discussing the opportunity for the DART drones to assist and enhance your land and businesses. More information can be found on our website www.droneagremotetech.com.au or our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook and Linked In).

Please feel free to contact via email: admin@droneagremotetech.com.au or via mobile: Adam Rice 0402 936 953 or Tom O’Donnell 0433 964 336.


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